Oyster Comprehensive Research

We established the first "Oyster Comprehensive Research Laboratory" in our country, July 2005.
It is known that oyster includes glycogen that becomes a stamina source, taurine that decreases cholesterol and zinc which is effective in recovery.
Moreover, there is still room for the research and development about the improvement of feed, fertilizer, stripped shellfish, farming materials, machines such as oyster peeler and fishery environment and about the research of domestic and foreign farming ground and also about the improvement of farming technology. We will advance such a multi-pronged research.

Composition of laboratory

 The laboratory is composed of two organizations,
 "Laboratory Room"and "Development Room".

 The latest inspection machines are equipped, such a device as
 examines small amount of metal elements and an equipment as
 carefully detects oyster's nutritional ingredients. And special
 researchers are arranged respectively.

Quality Control System

We have established the system of the inspection of salmonella by arranging the inspection research staff of residing at each factory.
And by checking pollution with the bacillus to oyster shell feed, we assist in a relief, safe egg making.

Inspection and Research Staff

  • Research Staff : 2
  • Inspection Staff : 7

Approach to Research and Development

 We work hard, thinking about growing safe and healthy
 vegetables and saving labors of farmers.
 Moreover, the system of the inspection of salmonella is
 established, and it assists in making safe eggs.

Salmonella Inspection System

 Our inspection is based on the food hygiene inspection standard
 that is much severer than the fertilizer feed inspection standard.

Fertilizer ingredients analysis

 The analysis based on an official standard is done, and the
 ingredients are checked.


  • Patents acquired : 6
  • Additionally, some patents are pending..
  • Trademark Rights acquired : 30 or more