Since founded, Oyster Gallery Group has been selling products related to oyster industry.
 Creating Corporate Identity last year, we have restarted as the "Oyster Gallery Group" aiming at organic expansion of the six group

Corporate Principles

  We will contribute to the world by achieving the happiness of our personnel and their families and by getting the satisfaction of
  customers and suppliers, through development of oyster industry.

Managerial Policy

  1. Oyster Gallery Group is to be a supporting company of oyster industry.
  2. Oyster Gallery Group, as a general trading company of oyster industry, is aiming to be an enterprise that contributes to the
    society by selling raw oyster, frozen oyster, steamed oyster, gifts, etc. and by doing research and development, producing
    and selling various products that include oyster shell as main raw materials, and by providing technology and materials
    necessary for oyster farming.